Program Assessment: Identify Cost-Effectiveness; Assure Compliance; Determine Ability to Prevent or Respond to Fire Emergency

Code Compliance: Interpret Codes; Review Compliance; Evaluate Cost-Effective Alternatives; Negotiate Code Requirements

Design: Evaluate Cost-Effective Alternatives; Prepare Specifications; Create Drawings; Review Documents Provided by Others

Program Development: Create Integrated Fire Protection Program; Outline Objectives; Define Organizational Relationships; Specify Design Requirements; Identify Operating Requirements; Create Procedures (Operating, Fire Response, Maintenance)

Litigation Support: Technical Support; Investigations; Expert Witnesses

Inspections: Facility; Equipment

Property Insurance: Negotiate Insurance Recommendations; Evaluate Cost-Effective Alternatives; Review Compliance; Develop Action Plans to Implement Requirements

Vendor Assistance: Technical Support; Code Interpretation; Compliance Support; Product Testing Support

Training: Code Requirements; Insurance Requirements; Hazard Identification; Fire Protection Features (Selection, Operation, Maintenance, Inspections)